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  • SupportOnline and on site support for hardware and software
  • NetworksNetwork support and set up for intranet and mobile computing
  • HardwareHardware and equipment sourcing and installation


Computer hardware is the most easily identifiable part of your IT infrastructure and is one of your most important business assets. While software is needed to make any hardware useful, without the correct hardware your software may not run efficiently or even at all. Therefore, as with any business investment, you should choose your computer hardware with care.

KCM PC Solutions can assist you with every aspect of hardware acquisition, from assessing your needs to getting the best deal. We can advise on and source a wide range of hardware, including stand-alone PCs, servers, network equipment, scanners and printers. Should your business have any special requirements, we also custom build PCs and servers using only the highest quality components. If budget and purchasing restraints mean ordering new PCs is not an option, we can examine your hardware and see if it is possible to upgrade to gain extra performance.

In addition we also offer full desktop software solutions covering everything from Office to Adobe and offer data migration services to transfer any required information from an existing PC to a replacement.We are passionate about enabling customers to focus on their strengths, confident in the knowledge that their IT systems will reliably support them and their colleagues in their business pursuits.