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KCM PC Solutions offers a wide range of services for home users from purchase and installation to ongoing maintenance and upgrading.

  • Troubleshooting and Repair
    We will diagnose and repair all sorts of hardware and software problems. If your system is crashing or rebooting, has start-up or Windows problems, freezing or hanging on start-up, internet or email problems or just running slowly, we will be able to help you get your system up and running as quickly as possible.

  • Health Check
    Our popular health check service will ensure your system is running as fast and efficiently as possible by:
    • Checking for and removing viruses and spyware/adware from your system
    • Removing clutter and temporary files that are no longer needed, which will speed up your system and free space on your hard drive
    • Checking your hard disk is functioning properly and efficiently, ensuring it is free from defects and errors
    • Scheduling maintenance checks so your system can automatically run tasks regularly to ensure it is running efficiently
    • Cleaning the system inside and out to remove dust and dirt from fans etc to avoid damage
    • Carrying out other tasks to optimise performance and speed.

  • System and software installation
    If you have just bought a new system and need assistance getting it up and running, we can help you find your way around the different parts of the system, and install and connect all your devices such as printers, scanners and digital cameras. We can also transfer your important files and settings from your old system to the new one. We can help you with setting up email accounts, and ensure you load all the critical updates to ensure your system is as secure as possible.

  • Virus detection and removal
    If your system is acting strangely or doing things you cannot control then you may have a virus or spyware. Not only can we remove viruses and spyware from your system, but will provide you with software to give you the best protection for the future. We can also backup your important data and repair or reload your operating system if necessary.

  • Internet cleanup
    Over time, your system builds up many temporary files that are never deleted and can slow it down. We can remove browser hijacks, premium rate phone diallers and all hidden temporary internet files, indexes and history to ensure your privacy is protected. We can detect and remove spyware that may be hiding in your system. As part of this service we also provide top quality free software to protect your system now and into the future as more threats are released.

  • Networking
    We can install your modem, set up your internet broadband or dialup connection swiftly. We can also help with any internet or e-mail problems you may be experiencing. If you want the freedom of using the internet from the bedroom, garden, garage or anywhere else in your home, then a wireless network is the answer. It will also allow you to share your internet connection, your printer and other files between any of your other computers, bringing convenience and saving you the extra expense of buying additional printers. We can set-up and install a wireless network to suit your needs and ensure the connection is fast and secure.

  • Data backup and file transfer
    If your system was suddenly damaged, hit by a virus, accidentally deleted or stolen, you would lose valuable data like digital photos, personal details, contacts and emails. We can transfer or backup your important files, emails and favourites settings for you. If your software or operating system is already damaged to the point that it requires a new installation, we can attempt to recover and backup your data before we reinstall. It is also possible to recover files that you may have deleted accidentally.