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  • SupportOnline and on site support for hardware and software
  • NetworksNetwork support and set up for intranet and mobile computing
  • HardwareHardware and equipment sourcing and installation


KCM PC Solutions' business services are delivered through telephone, email and remote access support, and through on-site visits to your office as scheduled or as need be.

Some clients opt for an all inclusive contract, in which monthly fees are fixed. Others opt for variable rate agreements, where fees vary according to demand and usage. Others involve us to add to an in-house IT function. Some want regular on-site visits included. Others do not. Some want our engineers to have remote access to user's machines. Again, others may not need this facility. We tailor individual support agreements to suit individual clients and their organisational requirements. Overall, we aim for flexibility.

We are passionate about enabling customers to focus on their strengths, confident in the knowledge that their IT systems will reliably support them and their colleagues in their business pursuits.